About PhotoMuse

Our Story

Thirty years of experience in a start-up that appreciates memories and that treasures photography!

PHOTOMUSE builds on the passion for photography of its founders and the opportunity offered by the de minimis aid scheme „Romania Start Up Plus”, Human Resources Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Photographs, films and other photographic original material deteriorate over time, today is the day for you to decide to save them, tomorrow it might be too late!

The business idea of building an „On-line platform development for photographic collections and archives promotion and valorisation” was developed by Dorian Delureanu together with Cristina Irian and Cezar Popescu. The photo trio.

The business idea draws from 30 years of experience in practicing photography and volunteering for NGOs (Omnia.Photo & Atelierele Albe) and cultural institutions.

The online platform photomuse.net will be launched in July 2020, as a marketplace for photographers and photography fans and collectors.